Ammunition Safety Message
.30 Caliber Blank M1909 - Safety Message
A mishap occurred during the first week of May 2013 in which two M1 Garand Rifles blew apart. This occurred during the rendering of funeral honors at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery. As a result of this mishap two American Legion Members received serious injuries. This mishap was caused by the inadvertent use of .30 Caliber Grenade Cartridges instead of the .30 Caliber Blank Cartridges. The grenade cartridge generates more pressure than the blank cartridge and is not designed or intended to be fired with a blank firing adapter. The significant physical difference between the Blank Cartridge and the Grenade Cartridge is that the Blank Cartridge has 6 Crimps and the Grenade Cartridge has 5 crimps.

  • Do not fire .30 Caliber Grenade Cartridge in the M1 Garand Rifle.
  • Only .30 Caliber Blank Ammunition Received from the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command should be fired.
  • If an Organization’s Ammunition Source is unknown that ammunition should be inspected for the presence of Grenade Cartridges.
If you have questions, please direct them to Mr. Robert Weissman, U.S. Army Armament Research and Development Center- (973) 724-3056, or

Download a PDF showing the differences in crimps in the ammunition.

Download a PDF of the M1 Garand Operation and Maintenance Guide for Veteran and Civilian Service Organizations, Law Enforcement, and National Cemeteries.