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Current membership is at 30,497 paid members with a goal of 32,463 members by May 2017. View the updated Department Membership Report dated May 31, 2017.

The American Legion Department of Nebraska Publication Project Has Begun!

Nebraska Legionnaires are being contacted by Publishing Concepts (PCI) via mail, phone or email to request updated information for a special American Legion publication just for Nebraska. Download the flyer for more information.

A Message from the Commander...

Department of Nebraska American Legion Commander Beth Linn

Greetings from Scottsbluff! Welcome to the Nebraska American Legion website. I’m Beth Linn – the Commander of over 32,000 Legionnaires throughout our great State. Take a look at the information available on the website, and if you see something you like or something lacking– let us know. This website is for your information and we want to keep it current. This includes meetings across the state and at the National level.

My theme this year is "Don't Give Up - We've Got This.”The American Legion helps our veterans and their families in many ways through a variety of programs including Operation Comfort Warrior, Soldier's Wish, Temporary Financial Assistance, National Emergency Fund, the Child Welfare Foundation and the Legacy Scholarship Fund. Many veterans may not be aware of the different ways that The American Legion can help them. We, as Legionnaires, need to change that. We need to think outside the box and use all available resources to help our veterans obtain the benefits that they have paid such a high price for. We do not back down. We will not stop. This is what we do. This is why we are Legionnaires. The oath we took does not expire and we leave no soldier behind. Don’t Give Up – We’ve Got This.

My projects for the year are Operation Comfort Warrior and Soldier’s Wish. These projects directly help our veterans no matter where they are. I believe strongly in them. We will update you with the incoming National Commander’s project after National Convention in Cincinnati.  Until then, keep donating to Commander Barnett’s project: the National Emergency Fund. 

Please contact me if your Post, County or District has an event that you would like me to attend. I look forward to serving you for the next year. Don’t Give Up – We’ve Got This.


For God and Country,
Beth Linn
Department Commander