Teacher of the Year


The Nebraska American Legion Teacher of the Year program serves to recognize dedicated and devoted individuals who, on a constant basis, give so much of themselves on behalf of the youth of Nebraska. Just like veterans, teachers are the unsung heroes who build our nation's future by working with the youth of today. The Department of Nebraska Americanism Committee believes the Teacher of the Year program will serve to strengthen the bond that exists between The American Legion, the schools of Nebraska and the administrators and educators of these schools.

Department Commander John Henry Pearcy (left) along with the 2024 Nebraska American Legion Teachers of the Year:
Michael Zarate (Lexington High School), Jolene Rose (Arthur County Schools), and Amy Wiese (Friend Public School)


Each year, The American Legion Department of Nebraska, will recognize one teacher in each of the following categories: elementary school, middle school and high school. To be eligible for consideration, nominees must meet the following criteria:

- Accomplishments of the teacher must be over and above his or her profession. Consideration will be given to someone whose activities in the field of education was in excess of what would be expected in that field and who promotes American Legion youth programs;
- Be an accredited elementary school, middle school or high school teacher; and
- Can be a veteran or non-veteran, Legionnaire or non-Legionnaire.

An American Legion Post must endorse candidates for the Teacher of the Year award. The winners will be selected by a majority vote within the Department's Americanism Committee and are honored at the Department Convention each year in June.


- Download the Department of Nebraska Teacher of the Year Application Form. The complete application package must be submitted to Department Headquarters in Lincoln by May 1st.